This role will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring all planning development & site matters to ensure timely launching &  completion of the project.

Tasks & Responsibilities

1. Head Office - reporting to Head of Project, OSKP
a) Liaise and coordinate with the design consultants, coordinate with construction team (OSKC) on input on buildability, logistic, detailing and follow our design best practice. Work with marketing to ensure the designs meet the product brief, marketing requirements and budget, timely submission and approval from the relevant Authorities.
b) Coordinate with consultants on tender drawing preparation and tender calling/closing and award of NSC and Main Building contracts.
c) Coordination and timely submission of drawings/documents to local council and relevant authorities to ensure authority approvals are obtained in timely manner which includes KM & BP. Liaise with land office, survey board for all land matters which includes application and submission of SIFUS and issuance of strata title based on new Strata Management/Title Act 2015.
2. Project Site - reporting to Head of Project, OSKC
a) Liaise and coordinate with consultants and contractor to resolve all technical and operation issues arising to ensure smooth construction on site.
b) Ensure timely approval and completion of projects within budget and meet specifications and authority requirements.
c) Recommend any improvement and modification in design and construction techniques, working conditions and procedures.
d) Maintain and establish communication procedures with consultants, site personnel and operations office.
e) Attend CCM, technical & site meeting as and when required.
f) Monitor the construction progress to ensure construction schedules are adhered to & safety and health requirements are complied with leading to CCC/VP.
3. To carry out any other duties as and when instructed by the Management from time to time.


1. To ensure that you and your team behave in a manner that reflects the Group’s vision and core values when dealing with internal and external stakeholders.
2. To extend assistance and co-operation to all stakeholders in a cohesive and co-operative manner whenever the opportunity or need arises.
3. To keep abreast of latest trends involving your specific role as well as the industry that you are involved in.
4. To regularly up-skill yourself through daily work experience, self-improvement and structured learning.
7. To be fully aware of and be in full compliance with the Group’s policies and procedures all times.
5. To be fully aware of and be in full compliance with all laws and regulations that affect your job function or the industry you are involved in.
6. To exercise reasonable care and caution to ensure that the confidentiality of Company’s documents and all material information in relation to the business is not compromised.
7. To produce timely and accurate reporting of your business or operational activities to your superior(s).
8. To formulate and execute clear strategies to run the business or operations under your care to achieve the objectives set by your superior(s).
9. To ensure that you have a clear and accurate understanding of the industry you are operating in, including operational challenges, trends affecting your industry and accurate competitor analysis.


1. Building Partnership
2. Guiding Team Success
3. Customer Orientation
4. Planning & Organizing
5. Driving for Results


Bachelor Degree in Civil & structural Engineering


minimum 10 years working experience in similar industry

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