To develop and oversee marketing campaigns in assigned portfolios.

Tasks & Responsibilities

1.To build a strong and competent team by identifying, recruiting, nurturing and retaining

suitable talents.

2.To build and maintain ahigh-performance culture through leadership by example, effective

performance management andmentoring of staff.

3.To ensure that you and your teambehave in a manner that reflects the Group’s vision and

core values when dealing withinternal and external stakeholders.

4.To extend assistance andco-operation to all stakeholders in a cohesive and co-operative

manner whenever the opportunity orneed arises.

5.To keep abreast of latest trendsinvolving your specific role as well as the industry that you

are involved in.

6.To regularly up-skill yourselfthrough daily work experience, self-improvement and

structured learning.

7.To be fully aware of and be infull compliance with the Group’s policies and procedures all


8.To be fully aware of and be infull compliance with all laws and regulations that affect your job function orthe industry you are involved in.

9To exercise reasonable care andcaution to ensure that the confidentiality of Company’s documents and allmaterial information in relation to the business is not compromised

10To produce timely and accuratereporting of your business or operational activities to your


11To formulate and execute clearstrategies to run the business or operations under your

care to achieve the objectives setby your superior(s)

12To ensure that you have a clearand accurate understanding of the industry you are

operating in, includingoperational challenges, trends affecting your industry and accurate

competitor analysis.


1.To plan, manage, measure and coordinate end-to-end all marketing activities / campaigns/ events and branding activities of the Company.

2.Be able to provide suggestions, brainstorm, develop and implement innovative marketing idea which are in line with company brand values and objectives.

3.Undertakemarket research to identify market opportunities and challenges.

4.Liaison with the media, creative, digital, advertising and external agencies to ensure compliance with company brand values and objectives.

5.To assist in driving marketing strategies, formulate and implement overall marketing plans.

6.To carry out any other duties as and when instructed by the Management from time to time



2.Customer focus
3.Managing Work
4.Continuous Improvement
6.Continuous Learning
8.Initiating Action


Minimum Degree holder in Marketing / Business administration


Minimum of 6 years of experience in the retail industry Must be able to communicate well and delivery a clear message internally and externally Must be able to lead small campaigns and manage external events Have experience in casual mall leasing Must be able to work in a team environment

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