The Housekeeping Room Attendant is a professional that ensure a positive overall impression of the property as well as providing the necessary service of ensuring clean and comfortable rooms for guests.

Tasks & Responsibilities

1. Perform daily cleaning of guest rooms and storage areas as assigned by the Housekeeping Supervisor or Duty Manager in accordance to the standards and procedures.
2. Obtain vacancy, arrival and departure reports and special requests for rooms and adheres to them at all times.
3. Maintain the cleanliness, neatness and organization of the housekeeping linen room, utility rooms and office as well as the housekeeping carts, buckets and trays.
4. Maintain complete knowledge of correct maintenance and use of equipment. Use equipment only as intended.
5. Cleaning & Inspection; Use correct cleaning chemicals for designated surfaces.Remove soil, dirt, soap build-up and hair from bathroom mirrors, vanity sink, toilet, shower walls and floor.
6. Replace facial, toilet tissue and bathroom amenities in correct amount and location.
7. Check and clean wardrobe by removing dust and debris. Ensure correct amount and placement of hangers, and pillows.
8. Open all drawers in check out rooms and remove items left by guest. Clean the dust inside.
9. Check under bed(s), chairs and sofa for debris and remove if present.
10. Inspect condition of all furniture for tears, rips or stains; report any damages to the supervisor.
11. Clean all lamps and light switches; check for proper working order
12.�Remove dust, spots and smears from windows, ledges and frames.
13. Remove dust, dirt and smudges from AC unit, vents, grids and thermostat.
14. Vacuum/sweep the floor.
15. Spray room with deodorizer.
16.Transport trash and waste to proper disposal area.
17. Provides turn-down service as required


"1.To consistently behave in a manner that reflects the Group’s vision and core values with both internal and external stakeholders.
2.To foster teamwork with others by working with all stakeholders in the Group in a cooperative and friendly manner.
3. To regularly up-skill yourself through daily work experience, self-improvement and structured learning.
4.To keep abreast of latest trends involving your specific role as well as the industry that you are involved in.
5.To be fully aware of and be in full compliance with Group’s policies and procedures all times.
6. To be fully aware of and be in full compliance with all laws and regulations that affect your job functions or the industry you are involved in.
7. To exercise reasonable care and caution to ensure that the confidentiality of Company’s documents and all material information in relation to the business is not compromised.
8. To produce timely and accurate reporting of your business and operations under your care to achieve the objectives set by your superior(s).
9. To formulate and execute clear strategies to run the business or operations under your care to achieve the objectives set by your superior(s)."


2. Customer Orientation
3. Managing Work
4. Initiating Action
5. Work Standards




1 to 2 years

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