This role will be responsible for managing all field operations, to coordinate the procurement and scheduled use of resources such as labour, equipment and material to ensure maximum use and complete of work within budget, safety guideline and quality standard

Tasks & Responsibilities

1. To ensure all trees and shrub at nursery carry out maintenance as required
2. To ensure all landscape areas at Iringan Bayu carry out maintenance as required
3. To ensure overall area grass cutting carry out as required.
4. To organise herbicide and insecticide spraying as required.
5. To organise fertilizing program as required.
6. To maintain all staking, loosen and tighten as required.
7. To maintain all irrigation and equipment and machinery as required.
8. To maintain all tools, equipment and machinery and safe keeping.
9. To carry out tree and shrub planting as required.
10. To carry out any other duties as and when instructed by the Management from time to time.


1. To consistently behave in a manner that reflects the Group’s vision and core values with both internal and external stakeholders.
2. To foster teamwork with others by working with all stakeholders in the Group in a cooperative and friendly manner.
3. To regularly up-skill yourself through daily work experience, self-improvement and structured learning.
4. To keep abreast of latest trends involving your specific role as well as the industry that you are involved in.
5. To be fully aware of and be in full compliance with Group’s policies and procedures all times.
6. To be fully aware of and be in full compliance with all laws and regulations that affect your job functions or the industry you are involved in.
7. To exercise reasonable care and caution to ensure that the confidentiality of Company’s documents and all material information in relation to the business is not compromised.
8. To produce timely and accurate reporting of your business and operations under your care to achieve the objectives set by your superior(s).
9. To formulate and execute clear strategies to run the business or operations under your care to achieve the objectives set by your superior(s).


1. Collaborating
2. Managing Work
3. Continuous Improvement
4. Authenticity
5. Continuous Learning
6. Courage
7. Initiating Action
8. Work Standards


SPM or Diploma in relevant filed


Minimum 3 years or above in landscape softscape maintenance and installation

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